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Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pantene Clinicare, Daily Hair Thickening Treatment Review

I recently tried this serum from Pantene and I really liked it. I despise putting oils on my hair because of how it weighs my hair down and ends up looking greasy in 24hrs. This serum does the complete opposite.

The Daily Hair Thickening Treatment from the Clinicare range by Pantene claims to thicken existing hair so it looks like you have up to 6,500 more strands. This potent formula of Vitamin B3, Panthenol, and caffeine helps thicken existing hair strands and provides strength again breakage.

An expert solution for damaged, fragile/easily broken hair that might even be thinning. It is also gentle enough for those who color their hair.

It can be used daily on wet or dry hair.

No rinsing required!

I have extremely fine hair and reading the words 'Thickening Treatment" intrigued me. First off, this serum has an incredibly light weight feel. When you spray it on to your hand and rub it in, it almost feels like thick water.

I wanted to test this product at its ultimate level so I sprayed it generously, and I mean generously, all over my damp hair, massaged and worked it into the roots.

Now, I am not claiming that this serum will give you instant volume, and the "thickening" results of it will take time to show, just like any other treatment, but the fact that my hair didn't look oily or flat is a major bonus in my book.

I still need to report back in a month or two and see how things are going but so far, I am loving this treatment. And in case it doesn't work, it still works as an amazing daily serum to tame my wild, fine hair.
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Anonymous24 June, 2015

    Where is it available in dubai?

  2. So has this product worked for you? I just bought one.. so just wanted to know how u feel about it after using it for a while..