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Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Thursday, 16 April 2015

Derma e | Very Clear Acne Cleaner + Very Clear Acne Moisturizer Review

About Derma e:

Derma e started out in a local health food store in southern California. Their first product was a jar of Vitamin E Moisturizing Creme. People loved it and the results it gave, word spread and everyone was buying it.

The company grew and they introduced many more extraordinary products, focusing on visibly improving the skin and its health through the right combination of potent vitamins, wholesome nutrients and good, clean hydration. Now Derma e is one of the largest natural facial care brands in the US.

Derma e:
  • Uses natural and organic ingredients
  • Uses environmentally friendly packaging
  • Uses earth friendly business packages
  • Uses clean, renewable energy when manufacturing the products
  • Donates a percentage of sales to charity


I got to test out two products from their Very Clear range. 

The Very Clear skincare system is specially formulated for oily or blemish-prone skin. It helps cleanse the skin from pore-clogging dirt and blemish-causing bacteria while keeping the skin hydrated, and non-flaky looking. The products in this range include salicylic acid, tea tree, willow bark, rosewood, lavender, and chamomile.

Very Clear Acne Cleanser
This daily cleanser is meant for reducing acne flare-ups. It comes as a clear liquid and foams up as you rub it on your face.

I have been loving this cleanser! I might go ahead and say it is the best face cleanser I have tried so far. I have been washing my face with this cleanser every night and I've noticed that my acne breakouts have reduced. Now, this cleanser smells strongly of tea tree oil, if you are not okay with that then you might want to pass on this. I am okay with the smell and it does not irritate me. 

Unlike other acne face cleansers, this one does not dry the skin; on the contrary, it feels hydrated and soft.

BONUS: I've noticed that it removes makeup really well, even though they don't claim it is a makeup remover.

Price: AED  110
Very Clear Moisturizer

This moisturizer claims to replenish nutrients to calm and sooth visible redness and irritation on the face. It also claims to help re-balance skin for a softer, smoother,and more normalized complexion. I agree with the former and I disagree with the latter. My skin does feel clearer but I think it is because of both the cleanser and the moisturizer working together. However, I did feel like my skin was extra dry in the mornings and it needed a good moisturizer or else my foundation would cling to the dry patches.

This moisturizer (my night cream) has a very thick texture. It dries up really fast which I appreciate! Yay to not having my face sticking to the pillow! It also has the strong tea tree oil scent just like the cleanser.

Price: AED 155
Other products in this range that are available in UAE: Very Clear Acne Scrub, Very Clear Astringent, and Very Clear Acne Spot Treatment.

You can find DERMA E at:
  • Boots Pharmacy, Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • United Group of Pharmacies, Dubai
  • Al Manarah Pharmacies, Dubai
  • Community Health Pharmacies, Across UAE
  • Medicine Shoppe Pharmacies, Abu Dhabi
  • Saha Al Jamal Pharmacy, Sharjah
  • Sandos Pharmacy, Dubai
  • Al Hadar Pharmacy, Sharjah
Hope you enjoyed this post!
***Disclaimer: These products were sent to me but this is my complete honest opinion.

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