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Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Sunday, 1 February 2015

Micaroon Makeup | Review & Swatches

Hello beauties,

Warning! - This post might give you a sugar rush!

I recently got to try out a few makeup products from a brand called Micaroon Makeup. For those of you who don't know, Micaroon Makeup is a UAE based makeup brand. Their products are designed to look like Macaroons!! Unique, adorable, and fun!

About Micaroon Makeup:
This company was founded by Rima Khoreibi, a mother living here in the UAE.  Her brand, Micaroon Makeup, offers various types of makeup products from blushes, lip products, eyeshadow, mascaras and more. And lets not forget the cute packaging, I cannot stress enough how cute this whole concept is!
Check out the website here: www.micaroon.com

You can order online or you can find their collection in Sauce stores across UAE.
Micaroon Makeup

All their lip and cheek products come in small , pastel jars shaped like macaroons. Their small size makes them easy to carry around in your purse. 
Product Review:
You guys, I am so impressed with the quality and pigmentation of these products. The blush and lip products that I tried are by far my favourite. Spring trends for 2015 are all about healthy, young looking skin, no contour, just rosy, glowing cheeks and pink, pouty lips (According to MAC SS15). Micaroon Makeup hits the spot with that, all the products I tried revolve around light colors that make you look younger and healthier.

First off, lets start with the cream blush. This one is called Ashq (Deep Love in Arabic).
Ashq is a cream blush, a bright, pinky, coral shade. This blush has a consistency that is very easy to blend. According to your preferences you can apply it heavily onto the cheeks or keep it sheer.
In the picture below, I have Ashq applied lightly on the cheeks, for a healthy flush to the skin. You can use your fingers or a stippling brush.
Micaroon Makeup Ashq blush on cheeks and FTW lipstick on lips
This is a cream blush so it is multipurpose, you can also apply it as a lipstick! I think it looks beautiful applied both ways. It is matte but it does not dry out my lips at all! Big thumbs up!
Micaroon Makeup - Cream Blush in Ashq as lipstick
Blush retails for AED 55

Moving on to lipsticks...
Micaroon Makeup - Lipstick in YAS

Their lipsticks come in the same packaging as the cream blush but the jar is a little bit smaller in size. This lipstick is called YAS (inspired by Yas Island and F1 in Abu Dhabi). It is a gorgeous fiery red with an orange undertone. It has a satin to matte finish, and is very comfortable on the lips. 

I used a lip brush to apply all the lip products.
Micaroon Makeup Ashq blush on cheeks and lipstick in YAS on lips
This next lipstick is called FTW (for the win)
Micaroon Makeup  - Lipstick in FTW

Simply put, this lipstick restored my love for pink lipsticks. FTW is a cool toned pink, it is so beautiful on the lips! It has a satin finish with a slight metallic sheen to it. I do recommend a light lip exfoliation before applying this one though.
Micaroon Makeup - YAS and FTW lipstick swatches
Now on to lipgloss...

This first lipgloss is called Princess.
Micaroon Makeup - Lipgloss in Princess

This lipgloss is a light berry color, almost like a berry stain color. These lipglosses are very unique, they are not like your typical thick, goopy glosses. They are more like a lipstick-lipgloss hybrid, pigmentation of a lipstick and the shine of a lipgloss. They are so comfortable and moisturizing on the lips. After a few hours when the gloss fades, you are left with a light stain on the lips.
Micaroon Makeup - Lipgloss in COO
The second lipgloss is called COO (lingo for cool). A light peachy/orange color. It is a gorgeous spring/summer lip color!! This shade will look beautiful on all skin tones.
Micaroon Makeup - Princess and COO lipgloss swatches
Lipsticks and lipglosses retail for AED 50

As for eyeshadow, I got to try one cream eyeshadow in the shade CLEO.
Micaroon Makeup - Eyeshadow in CLEO
CLEO (Cleopatra) is a gorgeous, bronzy, cream eyeshadow. It swatched beautifully but I did have trouble applying it on my eyelids. It was particularly difficult to build it up, whether I used my fingers or a brush, the product kept moving. Cream shadows do tend to crease so it is better to set it with a powder eyeshadow. It will definitely help intensify the shadow you put on top of it and it will last for a longer period.
Micaroon Makeup - CLEO swatch
Eyeshadow retails for AED 50
Micaroon Makeup - Mascara

I really loved this mascara for my bottom lashes, it separated them really well and gave them a bit of color while still looking natural. The bristles are a little short so it took time to build up the mascara on my top lashes but it never looked clumpy. 

If you like natural lashes then give this mascara a try but if you like dramatic lashes then this mascara will not work for you.

Mascara retails for AED 55

This is an eye look I did with CLEO on my eyelids, blended upwards to my crease and along my bottom lashes. I also used the mascara, I love how feathery my bottom lashes look!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favourites?

***Disclaimer: This product was sent to me but this is my complete honest opinion.

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  1. Such cute packaging, products looks really good too! Fab post :) x

    Amy • Amy’s Corner

  2. The packaging is supercute! And you made it look even more tempting with your wonderful photography! I definitel need to try these :):)

    1. Aw, thank you Abidha!! You should definitely try some!

  3. Oh wow!. Never heard of this brand. It's super cute and so pigmented. I love all pix especially how gorgeous and natural the blushes look on you. Awesome post, Sarah!