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Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Best of Beauty 2014

Hello beauties,

I can't believe 2014 is over, this year surely had its ups and downs but it was a great year nonetheless. I started posting my makeup looks on Instagram and blogging in March of 2014 which is my favourite thing about 2014, along with getting to know and meeting amazing beauty bloggers here in UAE (you guys know who you are). Anyway, enough rambling because I could go on and on, here are my 14 favourite products of 2014.
My first favourite beauty product this year is the Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced. I got this as a gift on my birthday in September and I have been using it non-stop. This palette is amazing especially for everyday use. The eyeshadows blend so well and it has the best transition and crease colors. The eyeshadows are made of cocoa beans so they do smell like chocolate, some people like the smell and others dislike it; I like it but it isn't a selling point for me. 
If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know I am sucker for the Lorac Pro palette. I've used it in most of my tutorials here on my blog so ofcourse I had to include it in my yearly favourites. You can't go wrong with this palette!Illamasqua's Blush in Naked Rose, this blush is the perfect muted pinky, mauve blush I have ever seen. This blush can look good on anyone. It's the kind of blush that looks good with any makeup look, be it dramatic or subtle.Another favourite is the Stay Matte translucent powder from Rimmel London. The packaging is not that great but for the price (AED 23 on sale) who cares?!? Love this for powdering the t-zone. The best thing about it is that it doesn't cake up. Grab one next time you go to your local drugstore, you won't regret it!Ah, E.L.F Studio blush in Mellow Mauve holds a special place in my heart. I've mentioned it on my blog before and used it in several tutorials. I love this blush so much, by far my favourite shade from the Studio Blushes range. I am not saying these are the best drugstore blushes but for AED 19 ($3 on iHerb), it is bloody amazing!Another blush, and I swear it is the last one, TheBalm Instain Blush in Houndstooth. This blush has a mix of mauve and brown shades, on pale to light skin it looks pinky-mauve and on medium to dark skin it looks more brownish. I loved this blush this year, especially in the fall/winter season. I don't think this blush has a very strong staining effect on the checks but then again, I do touch my face a lot and maybe thats why it rubs off in a few hours.
After trying so many bronzers and contour powders, I finally found the right powder to sculpt my face with and not look like an orange mess after. Heroine eyeshadow from Illamasqua is a holy grail product for me and should be for every girl with pale to light skin. Perfect grey undertones that mimic the shadows cast on someones face. Thanks to Nikketutorials for raving about this and making me buy it! 
Another favourite face product that I always use in tutorials on my blog, Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. Things have changed with this palette though. I now prefer to use it on other people for sculpting and I like to use the bottom first two shades on myself for bronzing. Also, I LOVE mixing the top first two shades for setting my undereye concealer!
Without a doubt, my favourite eyebrow product in 2014, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown. The hype is REAL! This stuff is amazing! It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it but when you get used to it, you can't live without it. Her Brow Wiz is on my 'To Buy' list ;).

Moving on to eye products, NYX Jumbo pencils in Milk and Black Bean. Honestly, if you are thinking of getting something from their Jumbo pencils collection, skip on the other shades and buy these two. Perfect bases to enhance eyeshadows. They crease without an eye primer so be aware of that.

Lastly, two lip liners I can't not mention, NYX Lip Liners in Peekaboo Neutral and Pale Pink. I am obsessed with NYX lip liners, a lot of people compare them to MAC lip liners but I wouldn't know because I never tried MAC lip liners and I don't think I will because these are amazing in my opinion. I use Pale Pink to line my lips where pigmentation is lacking, and I use Peekaboo to get that Kylie Jenner lip (90's lip) everyone is crazy about.

Thats it guys!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year filled with happiness and blessings! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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