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Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Sunday, 16 November 2014

Clarins 'Ladylike' Fall '14 Collection - Lipsticks | Product Review & Swatches:

Hello beauties,

Clarins recently released their Autumn 2014 Makeup Collection called Ladylike. The Collection includes an eye primer, cream-to-powder eyeshadows, lipsticks, blush, mascara, liners, and a brow kit. 'Taupe-inspired autumn hues', the Ladylike collection is elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated.

I was sent 4 Rouge Eclat lipsticks and I've been testing them for the past week. Here is what I think...

All the products in this collection are nudes, browns, and earthy tones. The Rouge Eclat lipsticks I was sent are not any different. They are beautiful, light, muted colors, except for one vibrant red.

First Impression:
I tested one of the shades a for a whole day, from 8am until 10pm. My first impression at the first swipe is the lipstick did cling to the dry areas on my lips. So I removed the lipstick and rubbed my lips with a damp, warm cloth for light exfoliation and it removed all the dryness. The lipstick applied smoothly after that.

Texture and Lasting Power:
I did not prime or lip line my lips because I wanted to see the lasting power of the lipstick and if it feathers. Before I get into that, let me explain the texture of all the lipsticks. All of them have a glossy, satin finish, none are matte. It is normal with glossy finish lipsticks that they usually last on the lips for 4 to 5 hours, and that is exactly what happened with these. 

What I was impressed with the most was that even though I did not have a primer or lip liner, the lipstick faded in such a nice way. It didn't leave my lips dry or patchy, on the contrary, they felt very moisturized - the same feeling you get after you apply lip balm. And the lipstick didn't feather at all!
Shades from L to R: 19 Chestnut Brown, 20 Red Fuchsia, 17 Pink Magnolia, 16 Candy Rose
Shades from L to R: 19 Chestnut Brown, 20 Red Fuchsia, 17 Pink Magnolia, 16 Candy Rose
Chestnut Brown appears like a mauve-y brown with blue/green glitter in the tube but when applied to the lips is looks like a light, sheer, brown shade. It is very moisturising and the glitter is just a tad bit noticeable.
Clarins Rouge Eclat - 19 Chestnut Brown
Pink Magnolia is a 'my lips but better' shade. This is one I definitely see myself wearing on a daily basis. Just slather this on your lips and leave the house, you don't need to think about it twice. 
Clarins Rouge Eclat - 17 Pink Magnolia
Candy Rose is a gorgeous pink! It is not so intense where it's like BAM in your face. I find it very appropriate for work/office especially if you need that 'pick me up' color.
Clarins Rouge Eclat - 16 Candy Rose
Leaving the best for last! Red Fuchsia is the definition of perfection. An orange based pinky red, it's vibrant yet very easy to pull off. I applied it with no primer or lip liner and it did not feather at all. If you are not a fan of glossy reds then a little bit of translucent powder will make it matte. One of my favourite shades!
Clarins Rouge Eclat - 20 Red Fushcia

Hope you enjoyed this post!

***Disclaimer: This product was sent to me but this is my complete honest opinion.

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