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Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Friday, 31 October 2014

Lorac MEGA Pro Palette | Product Review & Swatches

Hello beauties,

A few months ago Lorac announced that a limited edition palette, Mega Pro, will be coming out for the holidays and that it's twice as big as the regular Lorac Pro palette so of-course, I just had to have it. This palette sold out in a couple of hours on their official site and other sellers on Amazon were selling it for 2x the price... and people were still buying it!

This is the only holiday palette I did not want to miss out on... I stayed in contact with AlShop.com for a whole month asking them almost everyday if they are getting it and luckily they let me reserve one before it went up on their site. Oh the joy when the delivery guy rang my door!

Product Description:

If you regularly check my blog then you probably know that my most loved palette is Lorac Pro (original). The shadows are pigmented, soft, buttery, versatile, just everything you want from a palette. The Lorac Mega Pro palette is not any different, the quality of the shadows is consistent throughout the whole palette and the color selection is just beautiful! If you don't have neither the Lorac Pro palette nor the Lorac Pro palette 2 then definitely try getting your hands on this one.
Up until now Lorac haven't announced if this palette is going to become permanent. I'm hoping that they will because they are going to lose a lot of money if they don't.


The palette retails for $59 (AED217) on their official website; however, I bought from AlShop for AED339. These are the times I either wished I lived in the states or international shipping was cheap *crying face*.

(Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2 retail for $42.)

Color Selection:
Mega Pro has two rows of matte shadows and two rows of shimmery/sheen shadows. The colors range from warm tone neutrals shadows, cool tone neutrals shadows, light to dark pink/purple shadows, rusty autumn shadows, to deep dark shadows.

Some amazing transition shadows are included like Camel, Stone, and Brown.

Shadows that caught my eye were Stone, Lilac, Dusty Plum, Mulberry, Merlot, Indigo, and Deep Teal.

Shadows that are repeated from the Lorac Pro and Lorac Pro 2 are only White, Cream, Espresso, and Black.

All shadows are swatched with no primer/base underneath.

First Row of Lorac Mega Pro palette (Swatches)

Second Row of Lorac Mega Pro palette (Swatches)

Third Row of Lorac Mega Pro palette (Swatches)

Fourth Row of Lorac Mega Pro palette (Swatches)
I wish black was darker, when swatched it came off as a very dark charcoal color.

I think the palette is missing a bright burnt orange shade, they could have easily skipped on one of the bronze-y brown shades. 

Looks I've done with this palette so far:
Using the shadows Wisteria and Mulberry in the crease, Indigo on the lid, and Mulberry in the lower lid. Added some Barry M Glitter tears because I love to experiment with weird and unusual looks.

Using the shadow Dusty Plum in the crease, Merlot on the inner and outer lid, Dusty Rose added in the center of the lid. Added some EyeKandy Glitter on the lower lashline in the shade Taffy.

Update - More looks using the Lorac Mega Pro palette:
Using Sand, Camel, Sepia, Brown, and Espresso + Urban Decay eyeshadow in Betrayal.

Using Fawn, Dusty Plum, Mulberry, Espresso, Cashmere, and Sand.

Using Khaki, Brown, Gray, Espresso, Sand, Copper, and Deep Teal.

....I cant remember the exact shades, sorry!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. I also love the first Lorac Pro Palette! I decided to skip the Mega Pro because I think I already own similar shades.

    Looking forward to seeing your looks on Instagram! Always gorgeous! xx

    1. Yeah, the colors are very dupable!

      Thank you! Cant wait to do more looks with it!


  2. Hey. Can you tell me which camera you use?

    1. Hey hun, I used the Canon1100D but I recommend the 650D or 700D.

  3. wow amazing pallete, i really want this pallete :) and thank you for review and swatch this product

  4. wow amazing pallete, i really want this pallete :) and thank you for review and swatch this product