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Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Monday, 15 September 2014

Halloween Tutorial #1: Half Skull, Half Glam

Hello beauties,

Halloween is on its way! I will try posting a tutorial every week until then. For my first Halloween tutorial, I am doing a split face - half skull, half glam. All steps are listed below...

Step 1:
Prime your whole with a face primer. 

Prime your eyes with an eye primer.

Using NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, I drew a straight line from my hairline, going down between my eyebrows, then down to my chin. 

I then filled in one half of my face with a white face paint from a children's face paint kit. Thats why the white paint looks blotchy. I will be looking for something better for my next tutorials.

Touch up corners and edges with the Jumbo Pencil.

Step 2:
Leaving the white paint to dry and set, I moved to the other half of my face. Apply make up like you usually would.


Using TheBalm NudeTude palette for the whole eye look, I put:

Sassy all over the lid,
Sultry in the crease,
Sleek in the outer crease to add more depth,
I lined my eyes with a gel liner,
Add Sleek and Sexy in the crease to create a cut crease look.

Moving on to lower lid:
Blend Sultry under the eye,
Smudge Sleek and Sexy close to the waterline.

Add Mascara,
Add Lashes - I used HudaBeauty Lashes in Coco Jo.

Step 3:
Using a black pencil eyeliner. Outline around your eyes, going above the eyebrows and around the sockets of your eyeballs.
Step 4:
Fill it in with black gel liner or black face paint. I used Elf Studio Cream Liner in Black. Set it with black eyeshadow so it does not crease and lasts all night.
Step 5:
With a clean blending brush, blend the edges. This will create more depth to the skull eye.

Also, line inside your eyes. I did it in the end but it is better if you do it now.
Step 6:
Now frown... following your natural 'frown lines', mark them with the black pencil eyeliner. Then blend inwards with a blending brush.
Step 7:
Moving on to the nose, create half a triangle and fill it in with black gel liner (see below). Then set it with black eyeshadow.
Step 8:
Honestly, I don't know how to explain this so just copy the picture below. This shape is supposed to mimic the jaw. Its okay if the lines are messy, they will be filled in with black gel liner later on.
Step 9:
With a thin liner brush, draw a line extending your lip. Then draw straight lines on your lips as teeth.
Step 10:
To make the teeth look a little bit more realistic, draw these triangular looking shapes above each line using black eyeshadow (see below), this gives the teeth a more curved look.
Step 11:
Now fill in the jaw area, set it with black eyeshadow, then blend the edges with a blending brush.

Step 12:
Now let's start shading! Using the same blending brush from earlier with whatever eyeshadow is left on it, fluff it under the bottom teeth. 

With grey eyeshadow and an angled brush, draw lines above the upper teeth to add more depth.
Step 13:
Add black eyeshadow inside your lips to make your lips look dead.
Step 14:
Using an angled brush and grey eyeshadow, draw a line on one side of each tooth (see below).
Step 15:
With that same grey eyeshadow, blend around the jaw area. The more you blend, the better the end result. This is not supposed to be a clean look.
Step 16:
Add some grey eyeshadow to your temples to make them look sunken in.
Step 17:
With a brown eyeshadow, blend more around the eyes and don't forget the nose.
Step 18:
With a shader brush and the light brown eyeshadow, add a line under the eyes (see below).
Lips: NYX Matte lipstick - Perfect Red

 I hope you enjoyed this look and learned something!
Stay tuned for more Halloween tutorials!!!

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  1. Wow!! That was so cool!! Cant wait to see the other looks!! Thumbs up!! :)

    1. Thank you, Abidha! I can't wait to post more things!!

  2. I can't reblog! Ahh! Love it xoxox

    1. Hehe, its okay <3
      But thank you!!

  3. What a stunning glam look and ferocious other half!. LOVE it. You are just so damn amazing, Sarah <3