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Beirut, Lebanon | Thursday, 24 July 2014

Lip Product Addict Tag | + Lip Swatches

Hello beauties,

I was tagged by Naznin from nazninazeez to do the Lip Product Addict Tag. Since I am a lipstick junkie, I thought why not!

Lip Product Addict Tag Questions:

Question 1: Favourite balm/treatment?

Definitely Eucerin's Lip Active, received this lip balm/treatment in a Glambox a few months ago and I've been using it ever since. It goes on sheer and it is very hydrating.

Question 2: Best eye-catching red?

In my opinion, its Sephora Collection Cream Stain in 01 Always Red. It is very opaque, dries matte, and lasts forever on the lips - you can eat and drink and it still wont budge. It is a perfect dupe for Mac's Ruby Woo.

You might need some Vaseline to remove it at the end of the night, thats how long lasting it is!

Question 3: Best luxury & best drugstore?

I don't like to splurge on expensive lipsticks, just not me, so the best luxury lipstick that I have goes to OCC lip tars. My current favourite is Hoochie. What I love the most about it is how you can build it up, you can go from a totally sheer, pinky purple to an intense, bright purple. The staying power is impeccable but you have to use a lip liner with all OCC lip tars because they do feather out.

Best drugstore is kind of a tough question because there are so many amazing drugstore lippies out there but I'm choosing NYX lipsticks. Currently, I've been gravitating towards the Matte lipstick collection and their Soft Matte Lip Creams.

NYX Matte lipstick - Euro Trash
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - San Paulo
Question 4: Best MAC lipstick?

Without a doubt its Up The Amp! People usually go for bright pinks or red lipsticks as a pick me up color but I am all about the purples and Up The Amp is my favourite everyday purple.

Question 5: The most disappointing?

Most disappointing is Inglot #184. I received this lipstick in a Glambox and I tried so hard to love it but I just couldn't. Its moisturizing yet it clings on to dry patches on the lips and the lipstick will look darker in those areas. This lipstick also has a metallic/shimmery finish which I am not fond of.

Question 6: Liner - yes or no?

Hell yeah! Lip liners are a must for me. You can use a nude/your lip color liner to create a pouty lip or a dark color as a base for dark lipsticks so they last longer and so that they don't feather out. My favourite lip liners are from NYX and Rimmel.

Question 7: Best gloss?

I am not much of a lip gloss person and I don't own many but I do love this Revlon Lip Gloss in Pastel Lilas. A sheer lilac color, looks good on its own or on top of a pink, purple, or nude lipstick or liner.

Question 8: Something extra?

For something extra I am going for 3 things.

Firstly, using a black gel liner as a lipstick. Not an everyday look of-course but its very helpful especially since Halloween is coming up.

Secondly, homemade lip scrubs. Mix brow sugar with honey and coconut oil, put it in a small jar, and keep it in the bathroom for whenever your having a shower and your lips need exfoliating.

Lastly, E.L.F Moisturizing lipsticks. I don't hear a lot of people taking about them and I don't know why. This range is from their studio line. Love them for everyday use and if you are just starting to get into makeup they are very inexpensive ($3-$5).

E.L.F Moisturizing Lipstick - Rosy Go Round
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Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. OMG!! I love that red lippie from Sephora. I am definitely buying that! Beautiful photographs and lovely tips! :)

    1. You should, its gorgeous!
      Thank you, Abidha <3

  2. OMG, Sarah!. How in the world did I miss this post??. Saw this just now. I love your answers. I am a huge fan of matte finish and that Sephora lip stain is so eye catching!. You, along with one another blogger friend of mine, is soo convincing me to go check out NYX products. Can you believe I don't even have a single Nyx item in my collection?.

    I love the pix. You have pretty lips. Up the Amp looks amazing on you. When you swatched that Inglot lipstick in your Glambox review, it looked great but the lip swatch shows it's too shimmery!. I literally run away from shimmers. We are so alike in so many ways!.

    I am including this in my September link loves post!. Sometimes I totally get lost in the sheer amount of emails I get (I am subbed to way too many blogs. LOL). Sorry I missed this before. I am so glad you did the tag. Thank you :)

    1. Hehehe, its okay hun :D

      Definitely go check out NYX products. Centerpoint is on sale now so hurry before the nice colors go out of stock.

      Thank you, I always feel better in Up The Amp! And yes, that inglot lipstick is too shimmery. Hahaha, run away from shimmers!!!

      Cant wait to see your September links! And thank you again for tagging me, I really enjoyed doing this post <3