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Dubai - United Arab Emirates | Friday, 18 April 2014

Bold Eyebrows Tutorial

Hello beauties,

I am back with a new tutorial but this time it's all about the eyebrows! I get a lot of questions on how I fill in my eyebrows, it is not that easy to explain especially when people have no idea what I am talking about. So I hope this tutorial helps...

Products Needed:
  • Brow powder, wax, or pencil
  • Two matte eyeshadows/brow powder (if using wax)
  • Concealor
  • Highlighter
  • Angled brush
  • Spoolie
  • Fluffy shader brush
  • Concealor brush

Step 1: Start off by brushing your eyebrows with a spoolie. This will help with the application of the brow products.

On a side note, the sun was setting while I was taking pictures so excuse the shadows and change in lighting (LOL)!

Step 2: Using the E.L.F Brow Kit (wax) in 'light' and an angled brush, draw a line under the eyebrow. This will help create an illusion of raised eyebrows. Stick to powder and wax because pencils tend to cause hair breakage, hair loss, look harsh, and unnatural.

Step 3: Brush the product in an upward motion using the spoolie. This will blur out the line that was created earlier.

Step 4: Add more of the wax or powder and fill in the gaps where you have sparse hair. As for the endpoint of the eyebrow, place the brush you are using from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye and up to the brow bone. Do not extend the tail past where the brush reaches.

Step 5: Brush the eyebrows with the spoolie again. If you are using wax, add a dark brown eyeshadow or brow powder on the arch of the eyebrow. This will also help create an illusion of raised eyebrows.

Step 6: Using a lighter powder (I use the one in the E.L.F Brow Kit), set the wax on the rest of the eyebrow. Do not add dark powder on the whole eyebrow as this will look unnatural.

Step 7: Spread the powder by brushing the eyebrow with the spoolie again.

Step 8: Add concealer on a concealer brush, outline the eyebrows, then blend and erase any mistakes.

Step 9: Highlight the brow bone using a fluffy shader brush. I used 'Nude' from the Lorac Pro palette as a highlighter.

And tada,

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Very nicely explained and just so lovely pix. Other than threading I don't do anything makeup wise to my eyebrows. Anything I do end up looking unnatural!. I hope I can recreate this tutorial and have amazing looking eyebrows!

    1. I am glad you liked it :D
      I only pluck the hairs under my arch/brow bone and I do it myself. The last time I went to a salon was August 2013. I have blonde fine hair and they aren't visible so I don't need threading.
      Try a brow powder and avoid filling in your eyebrows at the start, focus on the arch and tail. The trick is not drawing harsh lines but doing light feathery stokes to mimic the shape of hair. Also, if you have black hair dont go for a black powder, choose a dark brown color.
      I hope this helped :D

  2. Great Tutorial :) It's really helpful :)
    & thanks so much for your technical help. It worked


    1. No worries, Im glad I could help you out :D

  3. hey, love the tutorial. very informative. Where can i find e.l.f. in Dubai? or are there any substitute brands?

  4. Thanks for sharing bold eye brows tutorial. Its very helpful to me. I Awesome and beautiful tutorial i have ever seen. You explained with the pictures. Beauty Blender Dubai | UAE Online
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