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Dubai | Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Hello beauties,

For those of you who know me, you probably know that I am obsessed with makeup brushes. I mean, if my house was on fire and I could only grab one thing, yep, it'll be my brushes! For those of you who own brushes, you know it is a headache when it comes to washing them. So, I bring you this post which is going to be all about how you can clean and take care of your brushes so that they can last you for years.

I LOVE washing my brushes, seriously, it's my guilty pleasure!! After trying so many techniques, I can guarantee you that this is one of the best ways...

Brushes are a huge investment, god knows I've wasted a lot of money on mine but they are worth it. Makeup expires so you end up throwing it away but brushes don't expire, and if you take care of them they will last for years and years. 

There are two ways you can clean your brushes: 
- Spot cleaning
- Deep cleaning

Spot cleaning is when you use a wet wipe, preferably something like a makeup remover wipe, and swirl your brush in circular motions. You can do this after you've finished doing your makeup. This will remove some of whatever is on your brush; however, you shouldn't rely on this method only. Makeup, mostly liquids or creams, will seep into the centre of the brush and bacteria will build up (might cause acne)!!

Other types of products that you can use for this step are liquids and sprays. With liquids and sprays, you spritz or pour some onto a tissue paper and again swirl your brush in circular motions.

I am not a big fan of spot cleaning, it can damage the bristles (hairs) at some point especially if the brush cleanser is high in alcohol.

As for deep cleaning, there are lots and lots of ways you can do this step... pfff, and the amount of rubbish you find on Pinterest of ways to clean your brushes is unbelievable! This is a post you can actually trust. One of the best ways to deep clean brushes is by using baby shampoo, if it is good for babies then it is good and safe for your brushes. Do not use regular shampoo though! 

Deep cleaning your brushes depends on how often you use them. I deep clean my eyeshadow/powder brushes every two weeks and foundation/cream brushes once a week.

Some people use dish-soap and olive oil but the sound of using dish-soap on my brushes is a big no no for me.

And please, NEVER EVER soak your brushes in water, this will ruin them! Water (and soap) will seep into the ferrule (metal piece that holds the handle and bristles together) and the glue that is holding the bristles will lose its power and your brush will start to lose its hairs.

What you need for deep cleaning your makeup brushes:
  • Baby shampoo
  • Towels
  • Small plate
  • Water
  • Brush Glove or the palm of your hand
  • ...and your dirty brushes!

1 -  Add some baby shampoo on a small plate.

2 -  Dip the tip of your brush into water but do not let the ferrule touch the water.

3 -  Dip the tip again in the shampoo, you only need a small amount on the bristles.

4 -  Using the palm of your hand or a brush glove such as the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, swirl your brush around until the shampoo foams up.

5 -  Place the tip of the brush under the tap and rinse out the shampoo, again do not let the water go past the ferrule (under the tap with the hairs facing downwards going with the flow of the water).

6 -  Squeeze the water out using your fingers. Do not tug too hard on the bristles.

7 -  Using a towel, remove any excess water from the brush by wiping it lightly on the towel.

8 -  When drying the brushes, never dry them facing upwards. It is best to place them at an angle where the end is facing upward and the bristles are facing downwards. This will guarantee that no water droplets will reach the glue. You can use the edge of a book or a box to rest the end of the brush on it. You can also lay them down horizontally but water might go into the ferrule when in this position. 

9 -  Lastly, do not forget to leave your brushes on a towel so it absorbs all the excess water.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. I use baby shampoo too. It works great. :) Although am guilty of using a mild face-wash to get any stubborn foundation off of the F80. :D

    1. Hahaha, as long as it is low in alcohol and not drying out your brush then you're good to go ;)

  2. hey Gorgeous! I first use a lil bit of oil on the brushes. loosens up the dried foundation and then use a mix of shampoo and water. works like a charm. you really need to do a post about what each type of brush is used for - for us ignorant folk :P

    1. Hello! That works fine, just make sure you wash the brushes with a brush shampoo or baby shampoo, regular hair shampoo will harm them.
      I've got a bunch of blog post coming up in 3 weeks, Im still completing my final exams and projects thats why Ive been lacking. I'll definitely do a more in depth post on all the brushes!

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