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Dubai | Sunday, 6 April 2014

How to Disinfect a Beauty Blender in a Microwave

Hello beauties,

Today's post is a quick tip on how to clean and kill all bacteria that might be building up in your squishy, pink egg, your beauty blender.

Stained with foundations and concealors, this is what your beauty blender will look like before you wash it. Simply washing the beauty blender with shampoo/soap under running water isn't good enough. What about the foundation that's sucked in? And sometimes, after many uses your beauty blender might start to stink. That means it's time to either throw it or try this microwave trick! To prevent or kill any bacteria that might be building up inside my beauty blender, I place the beauty blender in a glass of water (half full). Pop it into the microwave for about 30 seconds. I'll then give it a few minutes to cool down because it will be hot. I wasn't patient the first time and I did burn myself so please be careful.

After it cools down, put it under the tap and wash it with baby shampoo or whatever you prefer. And voilĂ , a clean and bacteria free beauty blender!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick tip!

Leave a comment below on how you wash your pink egg.



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